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Do you ever stop to marvel at the impressive stuff you’re made of? We are continually in awe of the magic you possess and the impact you make in the world around you. You have greatness in you, and every day we are inspired by your contagious excitement, your fearless ambition, and your ability to lift and encourage others — just by being YOU!

Yes, YOU!


YOU are courageous and empowered. YOU are tenacious and adaptable. YOU are capable and impassioned.

Simply put, YOU are incredible.


And from a foundation as fierce as yours, there’s infinitely MORE to discover!

What does MORE look like to you? MORE confidence? MORE connection? MORE compassion? MORE adventure? MORE time with family? Whatever MORE looks like for you, it is within reach.


Your pursuit of MORE begins at our 12th annual convention: Made for More!


connect more

Finding and connecting with others who have MORE of what you’re seeking is a pivotal step in your pursuit of MORE. After all, if they have been able to make it happen, that alone proves it is possible!


But beyond its ability to broaden your perception of what is possible, connecting with others allows you to discover MORE about yourself. New connections will bring even MORE of your remarkable talents to the surface and allow aspects of yourself to step into the spotlight where they belong.


Each annual convention is rich with opportunities to meet and connect with fellow Paparazzi Consultants who are pushing for MORE, just like you!

learn more

Exploring new horizons is an act of bravery in itself, as it challenges us to reconsider what we thought was possible. Being receptive to new information and perspectives brings the ability to look at past experiences with compassion and insight. Roadblocks will be viewed as challenges that can be overcome, and failures will become nothing more than learning opportunities.


Whether it’s learning more about the trends making their way off the runway this season or listening to another Consultant share their unique way of hosting a party, there are always MORE opportunities to continue to grow and evolve! Our annual convention is just one of many forums to do so.

party more

If you ask us, partying is non-negotiable, so it’s a good thing our Consultants have a million reasons to celebrate every single day!


Did you finally make that phone call you’ve been dreading? Toss some confetti in the air! Did you just set a new sales record? That sounds like a perfect excuse for some cake! Did your heart skip a beat when those new releases dropped? Throw a dance party in your office as you add them to your cart!


Focusing on the good and acknowledging your wins has a way of infusing your life with levity and empowering you to step out of your comfort zone. From a more lighthearted headspace, the world will appear MORE expansive and hopeful.

There is a world of possibilities just waiting for you, Paparazzi! So, grab your ticket for the BIGGEST Paparazzi party of the year and join us!


You were Made for MORE!


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