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The Seize the Spotlight contest has officially closed, which means the unveiling of our 2023 Zi Collection Signature Series Models is right around the corner! This year’s competition seemed to get fiercer each week, with our nominees pushing right up until the last minute in hopes of landing in the top ten and securing their corner of the catwalk at Made for More.We know you’re on the edge of your seats, waiting to see who will have a 2023 Zi Collection Signature Series necklace named in their honor.


We’re tabulating the results and will announce the winners once commissions for the month of May are finalized.




Stay tuned to find out who will Seize the Spotlight!


From February 1 - April 30, 2023, Consultants will earn points based on the structure outlined below. The top ten point earners in February, the top ten in March, and the top ten in April will then be invited to compete for the coveted title of Zi Collection Signature Series Model in May. Starting with their cumulative point total established between February and April, these 30 Paparazzi powerhouses will battle it out for a chance to be one of the overall top ten point earners and claim their corner of the catwalk.


Our ten Seize the Spotlight winners will be the first to get their hands on the iconic Zi Collection Signature Series, and their moment in the spotlight will be immortalized with a necklace from the collection lovingly named after them by the Paparazzi stylists! 


When the 2023 Zi Collection is released to the masses this fall, these spotlight-seekers will become household names. And with their names on everyone’s lips, we’ll have just one question for them: can we get your autograph?

Point Structure

Points for the Seize the Spotlight contest will be calculated based on a Consultant's Personal Volume (PV), New Enrollment Volume (NEV), and number of personally sponsored paid as Directors. Each week, the group average for PV and NEV will be calculated. Points will then be awarded based on where a Consultant falls in relation to that group average: 


Top Third = 100 Points

Middle Third = 50 Points

Bottom Third = 25 Points

The same process will be done for the number of personally sponsored paid as Directors once commissions for the month have been finalized.

Additional Details

Once commissions have been finalized for each month — February, March, and April — the ten Consultants with the most points will be deemed competitors in the final round, which begins May 1, 2023. A Consultant may only claim a spot in the top ten once, so if a Consultant is one of our top point earners in February, they would not be considered for a top ten position in March or April. The Consultant would, however, continue to accrue points throughout March and April, and those points would be added to their overall total. 


Rather than starting on May 1, 2023 with zero points, our 30 competitors will begin the month with the total number of points they earned between February and April.



The Seize the Spotlight contest will be held from 12:00 AM ET on February 1, 2023, through 11:59 PM ET on May 31, 2023. Consultants who achieved the rank of Executive Producer or above prior to February 1, 2023, or who have ever been a Zi Collection Signature Series Model will not be eligible to compete. 


Only one Consultant from the winning account will be invited to be in the spotlight as a Zi Collection Signature Series Model. A violation of policies while in pursuit of winning this contest will result in disqualification from this year’s competition and any future Zi Collection contest and may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Should one of the top ten point earners from February, March, or April be eliminated from the competition due to a compliance violation or they opt out of the competition voluntarily, the next highest point earner from the month in which the Consultant was in the top ten would be invited to compete in May.
Consultants are listed by point total and then alphabetically by first name on the leaderboard. 


In the event of a tie, nominees’ OV (Organization Volume) growth between February 2023 and May 2023 will be evaluated. The Consultant with the highest percentage of growth between February 2023 and May 2023 will be deemed the winner. 


All winners must be registered for our 2023 convention by May 31, 2023, and must be available to attend a runway practice tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 24, 2023. 

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